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Westerwelle Young Founders Programme Spring 2021 (Fully Funded to Berlin, Germany)

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The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme is a fully funded 6-month-long program for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries. The program seeks to connect young entrepreneurs from around the world and provides a program of mentoring tailored to their unique challenges. It allows them to grow their entrepreneurial abilities and their international network further.

The six-month Westerwelle Young Founders Spring 2021 Programme begins with a multimedia kick-off conference from 1 to 5 March 2021. Over the next six months, with the help of a personal mentor, the young founders will have the opportunity to grow their business and share ideas, and receive feedback with the other young founders.
In addition, the Westerwelle Foundation will pick and invite the ten best-performing young entrepreneurs to the Berlin Top-10 Conference in the autumn of 2021.

The selected start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors during this meeting, take part in workshops and networking activities, and gain insight into the German start-up scene.
The Criteria

You have recently started a for-profit company with a scalable business model (in the last 5 years) that has achieved Product-Market Fit and preferably secured first external financing (if you run a business model that needs external investment);

Your company is located in a developed or emerging country or focuses on developing and emerging economies with a strong business focus;

You have a strong knowledge of English at work;

You are available to attend the digital kick-off conference and can make time for the six-month program to engage in weekly mentoring and peer mentoring calls.

Please notice that in order to enter Germany, foreign applicants must have valid travel documents (including a visa if necessary) and a valid travel medical insurance policy.


  1. A week-long conference in Berlin for the ten best-performing start-ups that will have the rare opportunity to pitch in front of investors, participate in seminars and networking activities, and get an insight into the German start-up scene. The Top-10 Conference (the Westerwelle Foundation will finance travel and accommodation);

2. A private mentor who is an accomplished entrepreneur and acts as a sparring partner with whom you can explore future challenges and potential possibilities;

3. Monthly peer mentoring calls to share expertise and encourage each other with the other active Young Founders of the cohort;

4. Expert sessions (e.g. OKRs, investor KPIs, marketing & sales) on related topics;

5. The Young Founders Network is an influential alumni network that serves as a forum for all young founders to collaborate, share ideas and find help for current challenges.

6. Exposure to the Berlin startup scene and the public through our social media platforms and our networks for you and your start-up,
7. Assistance beyond the curriculum as we remain a contact person for the Young Founders and can help you find relevant experts for challenges, provide opportunities to exchange lessons with current cohorts, or celebrate achievements.
8. The buddy program that connects Westerwelle Young Founders alumni with new Young Founders that work to potentially open doors and strengthen mutual exchange in the same business.

YFP Spring 2021 Application Process

Deadline for applications (9th December 2020, 12am CET)

Interviews over Skype for shortlisted candidates (2 January to 31 January 2021)

Jury Decision and Member Selection (4 February 2021)

All applicants’ notice (6 February 2021)

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Click Here To Watch Her Full Video .