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German mortgages (Hypothek / Darlehen)

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Buying a property in Germany isn’t just about searching for your dream home. As well as saving enough capital to pay the various taxes, costs and fees that accompany property purchases, you’ll probably need to get a mortgage (Hypothek or Darlehen in German). There are plenty of German banks and other institutions that will offer mortgages to expats. Our guide to German mortgages walks you through the most important information.  

German mortgage advisors

Rather than going directly through a bank, many expats in Germany choose to consult with an English-speaking mortgage advisor, who can offer tailored advice and guide you through the whole application process.

Who can get a mortgage in Germany?

Many people believe that getting a mortgage is a lot harder in Germany than in other countries, especially as an expat. This isn’t strictly true. Banks in Germany are cautious lenders, and subject potential borrowers to careful background checks. However, as long as you fulfill the basic requirements and present the correct paperwork, you shouldn’t encounter problems.

What types of mortgages are best for expats?

There are several different types of mortgages to choose from in Germany. Your financial and personal situation will determine which one is best suited to you. To get you started, we’ve prepared a guide to the most common types of mortgages in Germany.

German mortgage process in 10 steps

The mortgage application process can seem daunting, especially if you have never applied for one before. How does consulting with a mortgage broker differ to getting one directly from your bank? What is pre-approval? How long does the whole process take? We walk you through the basics in our 10-step guide to getting a mortgage in Germany.

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