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5 Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

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As compared to other European countries, Germany is very inexpensive in terms of living. But even a small sum of money matters a lot to students. And it’s customary to save as much money as possible for all students.

In this regard, the place you want to live plays an important role in terms of your monthly expenditures, so when selecting a place to stay, you must take this fact into account. For instance, if you plan to remain in Munich, as it is the most expensive place in Germany and the cost of living is very high, you can hardly save money there.

So if you are a student and want to study and live in Germany, you need appropriate guidance on which city is costly and which is not. We have mentioned some of the cities in this article that are cheaper in Germany, and you can make living there affordable.

Moreover, it is usual that most of the articles written on this topic consider only rent prices. However, this is not sufficient as you need to know the prices of all other things to make a wise decision. So, to give a detailed overview we have considered the costs of different things in this article.

Following is the verified list of Top 5 inexpensive Cities in Germany to live:

1 Bielefeld City Germany

It is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia and has a population of approximately 350,000. Compared to other German cities, living here is very affordable.

The rental rates are the ones you need to think about, but they are not very high in Bielefeld. A one-bedroom apartment, which is very small, costs almost €460 per month. In addition, with any negotiating or luck, you can also get € 400 per month for the apartment. In addition, apartments in the peripheral area range between EUR 200 and EUR 460 per month.

In terms of food affordability, Bielefeld is also affordable, as it has many restaurants that can help you get a meal at a cheap price. It costs € 10 in a cheap restaurant for one person’s meal, while it can cost € 50 for a two-person meal. In addition, it will cost you € 3.50 if you want to have a cup of cappuccino or beer.

In the city of Bielefeld, a cup of cappuccino will cost you €3.50 and add €2.70 to your payout number.

Bielefeld VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesBielefeld CityBerlin CityBielfeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€400€650-39%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€466€860-46%
Local Transport Ticket€2.70€2.80-4%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€30€25+19%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%
Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

2. Frankfurt (Oder) City Germany

Frankfurt City is situated in East Germany near the Polish border. The River Oder runs across it. More than 60,000 people live in this city, which has a square area of only 150 kilometers, according to recent stats.

Frankfurt is a very inexpensive city since it costs EUR 460 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city and is cheaper only in surrounding areas, such as EUR 325 per month. In comparison, a three-bedroom apartment in the city costs EUR 1,250, which is cheaper if you go to the peripheral area and that is between EUR 400 and EUR 1,400. So it is 40 percent cheaper compared to Berlin.

The cost of services in Frankfurt is also affordable but also depends on your consumption. It takes an average of EUR 410 per month to pay the bills. But if you decrease the use of power and water, the prices of services can be lowered to EUR 225. In addition, Frankfurt also has inexpensive restaurants, as a single meal will cost EUR 8 for one person. In addition, if you want to have a beer, it adds € 3.10 for domestic beer and

for domestic beer and for imported beer it would add €2.85.

Frankfurt VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesFrankfurt(Oder)BerlinFrankfurt(Oder) vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€327€650-50%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€466€864-46%
Local Transport Ticket€1.70€2.80-39%
Taxi Fare (1km)€6€2+200%
Fitness Membership€25€250
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€8€80
Cheapest Cities to live in Germany


3 Halle City Germany

Halle City is situated in central Germany and occupies an area of 135 square kilometres. It has approximately 240,000 residents. The city is very affordable and has a revival that is unique. One-bedroom apartments cost €350 per month in the area. However, it is possible to rent the same apartment in a suburban area for €200. In addition, larger apartments are costly, which will cost you about 710 euros on average in the city, but in the periphery it will cost just 470 euros. In contrast to this, Berlin’s apartment rent is 130% higher. It will cost you between €85 and €340 when it comes to energy bills, meaning you will have to spend an extra €195 a month for utilities.

The city is inexpensive in terms of meal availability. On average, for a single person, getting a meal at an affordable restaurant would cost you about 10 euros. In addition, it will cost you € 3.50 and € 2.70 for a cup of cappuccino if you want to have a beer.

Halle VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesHalleBerlin Halle vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€305€650-53%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€355€865-59%
Local Transport Ticket€2.30€2.80-18%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€27€25+9%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%
Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

4 Krefeld City Germany

It’s a city close to Dusseldorf in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city has a population of 230,000 in an area of 137 square kilometers, according to new estimates. It is an affordable city where it costs EUR 450 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city. It can, however, cost you even less in the peripheral zone. In addition, it costs EUR 400 for a single bedroom located outside the area.

In addition, you have to rent a big peppermint if you are in need of more rooms, but it will cost you more. The average cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment is around EUR 760, varying from EUR 400 to EUR 1.100. Utilities cost about €170 a month, but you can save money if you monitor the use of electricity and other things. Usually, utility costs vary between EUR 50 and EUR 250.

Best Places To Visit In Germany

Krefeld VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesKrefeldBerlinKrefeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€400€650-39%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€450€860-47%
Local Transport Ticket€2.70€2.80-4%
Taxi Fare (1km)€2€20
Fitness Membership€26€25+4%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€10€8+25%
Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

5. Passau City Germany

It is a small city situated along the Austrian border in southern Germany. It has three Danube, Ilz, and Inn rivers flowing through it and is thus referred to as The City of Three Rivers.” Recent statistics show that there are 50,000 people residing in this area.

Compared with other towns in Germany, the city is very cheap. You can rent an apartment with one bedroom for an average of €600 in the area. The apartment can be rented for €340 outside the city. However, in the center of the city, the average three-bedroom apartment costs EUR 1,050, and in the peripheral areas, EUR 700.

Besides this the cost of utility bills in Passau is lower compared to other cities. On average, on monthly bills, it costs 75 euros. However, depending on your usage, the costs will increase up to a certain amount, such as 250 euros.

For one person’s dinner, the average price of a meal at a cheap restaurant usually costs EUR 7, which in Berlin would cost 12 percent more. A beer cup costs €2.80 and a cappuccino costs €2.20

 So, it is quite clear that the city is very affordable as compared to other German cities and you should definitely consider living there.

Passau VS Berlin City Living Cost Comparison

Items or ServicesPassauBerlinPassau vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery)€340€650-48%
One-bedroom apartment (City Center)€600€865-31%
Local Transport Ticket€2€2.80-28%
Taxi Fare (1km)€4€2+100%
Fitness Membership€23€25-7%
Restaurant Meal (1 person)€78€-12%
Cheapest Cities to live in Germany

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